GRUPOTEC advances in the construction work of two logistics platforms in the Logistics Activities Zone of the Port of Seville for MERLIN PROPERTIES. Using the BIM methodology, it is possible to modify the design of the building as the works progress based on the requirements of the tenants.
It is a 5,000 m2 cold storage logistics warehouse and another 13,000 m2 logistics warehouse for which GRUPOTEC is developing engineering services: design, preparation of construction projects and construction management.

The cold store project is in the final phase and works will be completed shortly. In this facility, more than 5,000 m2 of refrigeration panels have been assembled, giving rise to freezing chambers with storage heights of more than 10 meters, in addition to the construction of 12 loading / unloading docks.
On the other hand, the 13,000 m2 warehouse is still under construction. The structure of the platform will begin to be assembled shortly, with 34 loading docks on the ground floor and an office area on the first floor.