Grupotec begins the construction of one of the largest photovoltaic plants on the African continent. The 100 MW plant, located in the Kenyan city of Eldoret, is part of the country’s drive to update its electricity grid and drive the shift to renewable energy in the fight against climate change.

The installation consists of 293,100 single-axis tracker solar panels that will generate more than 192,800 MWh per year, thereby reducing the country’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Grupotec is committed to creating jobs and technically training the inhabitants of Eldoret with the local authorities, for which reason the project has been received with the support and enthusiasm of the local community.
The EPC contract, signed with a European investment fund with long experience in the African continent, includes the design and turnkey construction of the photovoltaic plant, the lifting substation and the 220 kV high voltage overhead line that will connect the installation to the existing distribution network of Kenya Power and Lighting Company, after signing the corresponding PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with them.