Location: Valencia, Spain

  • 5 years minimum as a field surveyor
  • Have previous experience as a field surveyor in a Photovoltaic Plant work.

Its fundamental mission will be field work, mainly setting out points, monitoring and checking the work carried out (roads, foundations, fences, trenches, support points for photovoltaic structures).
He will also combine functions of Office Surveyor, as well as participate in the preparation of As Built plans.
Report to the Project Director.
In addition, a versatile person is sought, to support the construction and its management, together with the technical team (project managers and managers) to guarantee the execution of the project on time, quality and cost, production control and customer relations .

Functions and responsibilities:

As functions of the position of Field Surveyor:

1. Topographic surveys
2. Stakeout of works and engineering projects
3. Make calculations and graphical representations of topographic measurements.
4. Locate appropriate operating points for surveying.
5. Make drafts for the preparation of topographic plans.
6. Handling, responsibility and management of topographic measurement equipment under his charge.
7. He will watch over the development of the works in accordance with the project, informing the project engineer of the project changes.
8. Control and monitoring of finishes and conducting inspections to verify compliance with procedures and technical specifications.

As functions of the position of Office Surveyor:

1. Perform a design review prior to execution
2. Modeling of land with specific software.
3. Development of MDT, grading of trenches, calculations of earthworks and design of longitudinal profiles as required.


  • Technical Engineering in Topography or Degree in Geomatics and Topography Engineering
  • MDT (minimum 5 years)
  • AUTOCAD (minimum 5 years)
  • PROTOPO (minimum 3 years)
  • Topography equipment: Know how to use level, total station and GPS, both fixed and mobile.
  • Have training in PRL, at least 60 hours basic training (certificate required)
    Further training:

Design of PV plants (Very valuable)
Training in Hydrology
Valuable training in project management and renewable energy

Languages: English intermediate level or user level

Computing: Advanced user in Office, Autocad, MDT, Protopo


Orientation to results
Accustomed to working on projects
Flexibility to adapt to day-to-day demands