Responsible for the treatment
Grupotec Servicios Avanzados, S.A.
Av. Dels Tarongers, 33, 46011 Valencia (Spain)
Tel. (+34) 963 39 18 90

Purposes or uses of the data
Management of job applications through delivery of Curriculum Vitae and, where appropriate, the selection process, in which it could be included, for the provision of a job in the entity.

Conservation period
The Curriculum, unless you do not exercise the right of deletion or opposition, may be kept for future selection processes in the entity’s job position, in the area of ​​your academic and / or professional training, In any case, Grupotec Servicios Avanzados , SA does not assume responsibility for the lack of veracity and updating of the information provided. And, likewise, it reserves the right to eliminate or destroy the information that may be in its files, at any time and without prior notice. For these purposes, it will adopt the pertinent measures to prevent the restoration or recovery of the data by third parties.

The data is processed based on the consent expressed by you through the delivery or sending of the Curriculum, personally or through a third party.

Recipients of the data (assignments or transfers)
For your maximum interest in your job search, the Curriculum Vitae may be transferred to the mercantile companies that are part of Grupotec, in the event that there is a job position according to your qualities or professional skills; Unless you express opposition to us.

You may exercise the rights of Access, Rectification, Portability, Suppression, Limitation or, where appropriate, Opposition. To exercise the rights, you must submit a letter to the address indicated above. You must specify which of these rights you request to be satisfied and, in turn, must be accompanied by a photocopy of the DNI or equivalent identification document. In case you act through a representative, legal or voluntary, you must also provide a document that proves the representation and identification document of the same. Likewise, if you consider your right to personal data protection violated, you may file a claim with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (