Grupotec presents an MDI for green hydrogen production in Fontestad

Grupotec, together with its client Fontestad, has presented an Expression of Interest (MDI) for the production of green hydrogen (from renewables) supported by photovoltaic energy. The project seeks to achieve maximum use and greater energy autonomy at the Fontestad plant – citrus processing plant – in Valencia. It is a 2.6 MWp self-consumption photovoltaic installation on the roofs of the plant, which will self-consume 80% of the energy produced, and a generation of green hydrogen with the remaining 20%.

The installation includes the electrolyzers (with a nominal capacity of 1000 kW electric), filtering of the supply water, a hydrogen compression system and a buffer tank, which allows regulating the generation and dosage of hydrogen to the plant’s consumers. This hydrogen will be injected into the existing natural gas network, which feeds the drying equipment of the orange processing lines.

The demand management system, equipped with artificial intelligence algorithms, will make it possible to optimize consumption, implement or shed loads at appropriate times – avoiding surpluses – and achieve self-consumption of 100% of the energy generated. The expected result will provide the industry with an energy autonomy of more than 40%.