On October 22, the 4th ENERGY AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FORUM took place at the Valencia Chamber of Commerce. Under the title “Towards an Energy Transition. Present and Future of Self-consumption ”Grupotec, together with Iberdrola, Banco Sabadell and Entoria Energy, offered their vision of the current state of reality regarding photovoltaic solar energy for self-consumption. Jose Miguel López, Head of the Photovoltaic Self-consumption Area of ​​Grupotec, was in charge of answering questions such as What is a self-consumption installation? o What are the advantages? To try to encourage a large representation of entrepreneurs to invest in renewable energy and, more specifically, in solar photovoltaic.
The EDS Forum aims to generate a debate among various interest groups in our society, to learn about and debate energy and its relationship with sustainable development. Grupotec collaborated by contributing its Know-how and experience as a leading company in the sector.