Grupotec, awardee of engineering in the Pinto waste deposit (Madrid)

The Mancomunidad del Sur manages waste from the entire southern area of the Community of Madrid (1,900,000 inhabitants), 30% of the total population, for which it has several treatment plants and a controlled rejection deposit. After competing in a public tender, the Mancomunidad has awarded Grupotec the construction management for the expansion of its waste deposit, located in Pinto (Madrid).

This deposit will be one of the largest in Spain, with 6,000,000 m3 of capacity, with which the current deposit triples its capacity. The works also include the sealing, degassing and closure of the existing landfill, and will last two years.

It is not the first contract with this public entity. The Mancomunidad del Sur previously contracted with Grupotec its Master Plan “Strategy and Waste Management Program of the Mancomunidad del Sur, 2018-2024”, which is in the final phase of preparation.