Location: Italy

Project Development Manager is responsible for the implementation of solar photovoltaics in Italy from the phase of fine identification to the phase of ready to build.


1. Creation and analysis of new sites suitable for solar photovoltaic systems and negotiation with land owners and their representatives.
2. Collaborate with stakeholders in each eligible location, including the distribution and transmission network operator
3. Management of external development activities (of third parties). Identify, negotiate and involve local and regional development partners.
4. Linking, coordinating and managing planning consultants and other consultants to prepare applications and follow all authorization procedures (TICA, PAUR, etc.) until Ready to Build status is reached.
5. Maintain and nurture relationships with regulatory agencies, local businesses, institutions and landowners.
6. Coordination with the technical and financial departments to analyze the development risks and the profitability of the plant.


-Engineering, economics, environment, sustainability studies
-Renewable energies
-5+ years of development of photovoltaic systems. At least 2 years in Italy

Idiomas: Italian, English, Spanish (optional)

Informatics: MS Excel and other MS applications


Self-taught, deep knowledge of the Italian solar environment (landowners, consultants, authorities, grid managers, etc.), ability to manage a large workload, ability to create and manage relationships with different stakeholders, good communication skills, mind structured