Competitive photovoltaic energy for a more sustainable world

Competitivity is the challenge that renewable energies have placed on themselves to increase protagonism in the market against other conventional energies.

All the activities of GRUPOTEC as well as our efforts focused on the photovoltaic business, are paved to obtain more competitiveness on our proposed values. This way we can expand our photovoltaic energy market and help build a more sustainable world and future.




EPC Constructed


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our experience​

Specialists in the new tendencies of the sector, with experience on photovoltaic project from different technologies and sizes:

Plants over covers

More than 50 projects of photovoltaic plants over covers, constructed with power that oscillates between 0,1 MW and 4 MW.

Ground Projects

Plants situated on the ground with a fixed structure or with single axis trackers, any size, from 1 MW up until 92 MW. 

Hybridisation Projects

Wind and photovoltaic hybridised projects.

Storage Plants

Storage Plants that utilise battery systems.


With strong international vocation, GRUPOTEC develops, constructs and operates photovoltaic projects scattered around the world.


To increase our competitiveness day by day we have developed a business models that is upheld by the following three pillars:

In all our
Value Chain

We work in all areas of our value chain, with a business in which we undertake, in a complete and integral manner, the whole process of construction and use of our photovoltaic plants.


A competent and strong group of specialised engineers, which permits the optimisation of our plant designs increasing and improving the continuous constructive processes.

A Flexible

At Grupotec we count on a flexible structure that allows us to be competitive and construct photovoltaic projects of different sizes all over the globe.


This is our company’s policy:

We work on all stages of our Value Chain

"Our value added proposal"

We undertake in a complete and integral manner the whole process of construction of photovoltaic all over the world. Our proposed services include:

  • Development of photovoltaic projects
  • Financial structuring
  • Construction
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Asset Management



We count on an extended trajectory of developing photovoltaic projects in different countries both in Europe and the Americas: Spain, UK, Italy, France, Holland, Chile, Colombia and Puerto Rico.

We undertake the whole development process, including:

  • Finding the best possible locations
  • Negotiation with land tenants
  • Basic Engineering and Pre-feasibility studies
  • Permits, license and authorisation management



A skilled and potent group of specialised engineers, with highly recognised trajectories, is a key part of our proposed aspects of our added value.

Not only do we limit ourselves to construct specifically what our clients desire, but we also add our ‘know how’, revising and optimising photovoltaic projects, that we construct through EPC.

Furthermore, we count on a solid balance and our guarantees make our proposed EPC services bankable, fulfilling all the financial requirements for photovoltaic projects under the Project Finance modality.

We count on a flexible structure that permits us to be more competitive, constructing different sized projects all over the world.



Grupotec manages and undertakes the operation and maintenance of the photovoltaic plants in favour of the highest quality standards, with the goal of guaranteeing the best performance throughout its mechanic life. Planned maintenance actions guarantee the maximum availability of the equipment.

  • Continuous monitoring of the installation
  • Diagnosing malfunctions and performance analysis
  • Preventative Maintenance, predictive and corrective
  • Implementing improvements (Retrofits)

Currently, we operate and maintain over 230 installations all over the world: UK, France, Spain, USA…



GRUPOTEC takes charge in integrally managing photovoltaic assets through knowledge and experience, participating in the whole value chain of the photovoltaic industry. The service covers:

  • Management of assets including responsibility of its performance
  • Administrative, accounting, fiscal and legal management of Special Services Associations
  • Emission of technical and financial reports for owners of the assets and to the investors